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About Harvard Chiropractic

Dr. Terry Anelons is originally from the nearby town of Stow and chose to open his practice nearly three decades ago in Harvard. Dr. Mitchell Sklar grew up in Harvard and has now returned to join his hometown practice!

“Harvard is such a small, close-knit town, and I love that I get to be close to my family.”—Dr. Terry

“It’s great to return to my hometown and provide care for both families I know and newcomers to town.” —Dr. Mitch

Welcome to Harvard Chiropractic!

Our Practice Philosophy

At our office, your care will start out simply and effectively, to let you feel all the great effects of beginning chiropractic care. We’ll check the movement of your body, especially problem areas, and your care plan is designed to get the function back to the area of your injury.

Chiropractic’s Amazing
Side Effects

We want to help restore function to your body. When you’re having pain or discomfort, it’s because there is something in your body that’s inflamed or restricted.

Chiropractic care helps your body release that restriction, allowing you to start moving freely again. The muscles around your injury will start moving again the way they’re supposed to, and your nerves will transmit messages efficiently.

Some of the additional benefits of chiropractic can include: sense of well-being, better immune response, improved breathing and digestion and other improvements in your overall health.

As we explain to patients: “Unlike traditional medications where you have all of these unwanted side effects, chiropractic actually does just the opposite – you end up feeling better in ways you never even expected!”

At Harvard Chiropractic, we can’t wait to share all chiropractic can do for you. Call us to start today. (978) 772-6141