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Meet Dr. Terry Anelons

“I love coming into work every day, even after all these years!”

Meet Dr. Terry Anelons of Harvard Chiropractic in Harvard

Meet Dr. Terry Anelons

A Surprising Journey to Chiropractic

Dr. Terry had already started his career as a pharmacist when he personally discovered the benefits of chiropractic. “I have always loved running, and suffered a knee injury that a chiropractor was able to help me with.”

“It was there I discovered that my knee pain was actually coming from a different source—a problem in my hip and pelvis.” Dr. Terry started care, and his knee pain was relieved. “I’d always felt that pharmacy wasn’t my final career path, but my visit to the chiropractor confirmed it. I realized how congruent chiropractic was with my beliefs.”

Chiropractic Becomes Who You Are

Dr. Terry attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, which was founded by the father of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer.

“As I went through school and became a chiropractor, I realized how much chiropractic becomes who you are. I wanted to eat right, exercise more, meditate, and live the best stress-free life for my body. Now, I want to share this healthy lifestyle with all of my patients!”

See You On the Slopes!

Dr. Terry has a passion for skiing, so if it’s a snow day in town, chances are good that we’re closed too, and out at the ski hill. Once ski season ends, Dr. Terry starts running, and trains for a half-marathon every fall.

Additionally, Dr. Terry sponsors the Harvard Farmer’s Market and Harvard Road Race Association each year.

We see many fellow athletes come into our office for help. Dr. Terry is also certified in Active-Release Techniques®, which is great for chronic injuries and problems that may have been plaguing you for years.

“I want to share with you all chiropractic can do. Call today!” (978) 772-6141