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Active Release Techniques®

Dr. Sklar is a certified practitioner in Active Release Techniques®, or ART®.

What It Is

Active Release Technique

Dr. Terry evaluates a patient

If you’re having musculoskeletal pain that’s gone untreated, the problem area has developed scar tissue or is restricted by an adhesion. If the tissue isn’t healed, it will always limit your movement in that area. A similar phenomenon can happen with nerves in the body as well.

ART® is the release of those tissues and nerves so that they’re able to move freely and heal.

How It Works

When you have an injury, especially one that’s gone untreated for some time, ART® is especially useful. Think of a box of toothpicks. Your muscle fibers are the toothpicks, and ideally, they’re all lined up neatly and parallel to each other in the box.

When an injury happens, those toothpicks spill or are moved out of order. ART® gets those toothpicks, or muscle fibers, lined up correctly again.

Does It Prevent Injury?

ART® will resolve your problem and change the tissue. When the muscle fibers are-realigned and organized in their proper form again, the issue is resolved. When your muscles and tissue are healthy, it makes them less susceptible to injury.

Will It Hurt?

We’re putting pressure on your muscles to get the muscle fibers lined back up in the correct position. So in the beginning, it is possible for you to experience some mild discomfort but no more than what you have already experienced from the actual injury. Most patients report it has that “good stretch” feeling.

How Long Does It Take to Feel Results?

This technique gives you dramatic results! Often, you’ll feel a difference right away on your first visit. It depends on how big the problem is, and how long it’s been there.

Dr. Sklar specializes in ART®, helping even the most severe problems to heal and become well. Call today to get started! (978) 772-6141