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New Patient Reviews

  • Dr. Terry is THE chiropractor for our entire family.
    -{ Harvard Chiropractic Patient }
  • Dr. Terry always spends the time we need and listens to his patients.
    -{ Harvard Chiropractic Patient }
  • Wonderful, comforting, exceptional!
    -{ Harvard Chiropractic Patient }
  • So happy I decided to go out of my comfort zone. Dr. Anelon was incredibly helpful and has really helped me. Thank you very much.
    -{ Harvard Chiropractic Patient }
  • A W E S O M E experience with Dr Anelons and the office staff. The Best in patient care and attentiveness I have experienced.
    -{ Harvard Chiropractic Patient }
  • Dr. Anelons is wonderful, he knows his patients so well caters to their individual needs very well. This is the best chiropractor and staff!
    -{ Harvard Chiropractic Patient }
  • I have been a lifelong chiro patient and although I have had many very good chiropractors through the years, I have never had anybody I like more the Dr. Terry. He is an outstanding person, very knowledgeable, and he genuinely cares about his patients. His adjustments keep me working and walking!
    -{ Harvard Chiropractic Patient }
  • The office is friendly and my experience has always been great!
    -{ Harvard Chiropractic Patient }

Genuinely Cares

I'm grateful to have found a chiropractor who is very similar to my previous chiropractor with whom I was extremely satisfied with but moved too far from to continue my maintenance care.
Dr. Anelons is thorough, to the point, listens and seems to genuinely care about his patients. Thank you for that!

~Dawn S.

Impressed With Care

I was so relieved that Dr. Terry could see me the same day I called. Being my first appointment, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was so impressed with the caring, thoughtful questions that were asked of me. Dr. Terry really wanted to know me. Thank you!

~Jennifer W.

Comfortable and Informative

Mitch has been awesome! Knowing this is my first time going to a chiropractor, he was wonderful explaining everything to me, as we went along, so that I felt comfortable.

~ Susan H.


Terry is awesome. I never experienced a diagnostician who zeroed in on the root cause of my problem so quickly and accurately. The treatment was the right one as I walked out of the office felling better than I had for days. If I ever have another back problem I know exactly where I am going to go for relief.

~Kami A.

Amazing Results

I appreciate that I was able to get in when I needed to be seen, especially as a first time patient. I had amazing results after just one visit and I'm now ahead of the normal healing process time frame. Feeling great! Thank you!

~Monique V.

Great First Appointment

My first appointment with Terry was great. I felt very at ease, which is especially nice when you are putting your spine in the hands of someone else! Terry quickly identified my problem areas and worked with me to set up a plan to treat it. After a few visits, I feel much better in my back and neck. The treatment he has provided for my neck has especially helped ease the pain associated with my migraines. Before my neck would become extremely stiff during migraines and contribute immensely to their severity, but now my neck remains relatively loose and the migraines are slightly more bearable. I'd recommend Terry to anyone!

~Erica D.